Why CO2 Blasting Is Great for Industrial Cleaning
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Why CO2 Blasting Is Great for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning often takes a greater deal of work than regular cleaning. This is because factories often deal with greases, chemicals, and materials that can make large messes that are hard to clean. Special cleaners and greater attention to detail are often needed to get a manufacturing plant looking good as new again.


While basic cleaning on a regular basis is important in industrial facilities, it’s also important to do a semi-regular deep clean. This helps to get rid of build-up and grime that your normal wipe downs can’t handle. One way to do this is by utilizing CO2 cleaning technology. Whether you need heat exchanger cleaning services or have presses that need a serious cleaning, CO2 blasting might be a good way to go.


What Is Ice Blasting?


Ice blasting, or CO2 blasting, is where a pressurized stream of carbon dioxide is used to clean a surface. It utilizes the kinetic energy created by shooting dry ice pellets at a speed of 80 and 90 PSI to blast away grime or dirt that has built up. It’s an effective method that is fast and more environmentally friendly than other options.


Dry ice is a great cleaning option, because it is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and is not flammable. This makes it a safe choice for the people using it as well as for the environment. There are a lot of chemicals and flammable substances used in factories, so it’s best to choose a cleaner that won’t agitate these.


Why Choose Ice Blasting?


As mentioned above, one reason to choose this cleaning method for your industrial and heat exchanger cleaning services is that it’s environmentally friendly. CO2 is a natural gas that will not cause dangerous reactions with the other elements in your facility, nor will it release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. It’s one of the safer and more eco-friendly cleaning choices that your facility can make.


Another benefit of this sort of cleaning is that is quick and effective. The amount of pressure it applies help to quickly blast away built-up grime much faster than regular cleaning supplies could. You can take a day every couple of months or so to have your factory equipment sprayed down and keep it looking and running great.


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  • Levi Armstrong
    July 14, 2020, 9:00 am REPLY

    Thanks for informing me that CO2 blasting is a fast, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly way to deep clean an industrial facility. My dad works at a wood manufacturing plant, and he’s been going home with red eyes lately because of the hazards of his work. Perhaps I should tell him about CO2 blasting so he can try to convince his superior to hire an industrial cleaning service with this type of cleaning method soon.

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