How CO2 Blasting Can Clean Almost Anything
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How CO2 Blasting Can Clean Almost Anything

Industrial cleaning requires equipment that can remove the most stubborn of particles while not damaging the target that is being cleaned. CO2 cleaning equipment can do just that, with nozzles that concentrate the CO2 blasting on the target area and pressurized pumps to shoot it through the equipment. If you think CO2 cleaning is right for your business, check out these ways it can be used to clean the toughest surfaces.

    • Soot Removal: Soot produced during welding can be difficult to remove and potentially damaging to surfaces if it sits on it for too long. Welding processes are used in many fields, including medical, aerospace, optics, jewelry, transportation, solar panels, aircraft, and electronics. For industries that need perfectly clean surfaces, like the medical, the precise soot removal that CO2 cleaning equipment can perform is very important.
    • Particle Removal: CO2 cleaning can remove particles as small as 0.2 to 0.3 microns. The removal process is non-abrasive, as the condensed CO2 snow particles spray on the target surface and blow off the unwanted contaminants and dust. The sprayed CO2 snow particles evaporate once they hit the surface, leaving behind no trace contamination.
    • Residue Removal: Residue and thin films, such as oils, light fingerprints, and other biological type organics can be tough to remove from surfaces. CO2 cleaning technology can be adapted to manual or automated use to target these residues and uses a short cycle that doesn’t require additional drying.
    • Surface Preparation: This environmentally friendly cleaning process can help prepare surfaces for adhesive bonding processes. The concentrated nozzle spray of snow erases all contaminants from a surface, ensuring a strong bond between coating and painting.
  • Solder Flux Removal: For soldering processes, the surface needs to be prepared by removing particles, flux, and light oil type contaminants. CO2 cleaning equipment can perform targeted spot cleaning on these surfaces while being environmentally friendly.

While you can use CO2 blasting in many different applications, you should take some precautions during the cleaning. Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide can be toxic: Between 3% and 5% concentration, you may experience rapid breathing and headache. If it increases to between 7% and 12% concentration, these symptoms may intensify and cause unconsciousness, and even higher levels may lead to suffocation. As long as you take care while using this cleaning process, you’ll have an efficient and eco-friendly way to clean tough surfaces.


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  • Jeffry G Delplain
    May 14, 2020, 5:21 pm REPLY

    I would like to know if this system works for blast cleaning of concrete surfaces… include concrete surfaces saturated with motor oils, fish oils etc.

    Thank you

  • onlinecoatings
    August 20, 2020, 9:24 am REPLY

    I have read your blog post and Thanks for sharing your knowledge