3 Reasons To Keep Dry Ice Blasting On Your Radar

3 Reasons To Keep Dry Ice Blasting On Your Radar

Dry ice blasting is a non-flammable, non-abrasive and non-conductive cleaning method that’s environmentally friendly and contains no secondary contaminants like solvents or frit media. It’s used a variety of different industries but is especially favored by the food industry because of its ability to blast different contaminants and hazards.


But despite its popularity among the food industry, there may be some businesses who haven’t heard of dry ice blasting before. That said, here are three reasons why dry ice blasting equipment should be on your radar when it comes to cleaning methods.

    1. Dry ice blasting can save your business money. Compared to other types of cleaning equipment, dry ice blasting equipment is an affordable cleaning solution. Experienced and trained professionals can also come in to get the job done efficiently so your employees don’t have to take time away from their own work to clean the area with traditional methods.


    1. Dry ice blasting equipment is food safe. There’s a reason why dry ice blasting is a favorite among food industry companies and it’s because dry ice cleaning is food safe. The cleaning solutions were actually approved by both the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Dry ice blasting sterilizes equipment, cleans them, and sanitizes food manufacturing and processing plants without spreading contaminants.


  1. Dry ice blasting equipment is safe for electrical components. It can be hard to believe that dry ice blasting is safe for electric components because ice is frozen water. But dry ice isn’t like normal ice. Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide. This means there’s no water involved in the process and dry ice blasting can be safely used on electrical components. This can be especially beneficial for industries that work with big machines.

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There are three main types of contaminants or hazards that can cause unsafe food: chemical, physical, and biological. Biological hazards include microorganisms, chemical hazards include pest control and solvents, and physical hazards include hair and dirt. Dry ice cleaning systems can help you get rid of all of these different contaminants and hazards.


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