Industrial Painting and Roof Coating Contractors in Dallas, TX

You no longer have to go to separate companies to receive a professional CO2 cleaning, a commercial roof coating, and industrial painting service—we offer all three. That is what makes us the premier full-service industrial painting and roof coating contractor in Dallas. We take care of it all, from beginning to end, so you do not have to worry about contacting another team or scheduling another appointment. We are the interior and exterior industrial painting contractors you require to ensure your paint job will last for years to come.

Our Process

Our fluid applied roof coating system and industrial painting processes are simple but vary from project to project. As soon as you contact our team of industrial painting and roof coating contractors in Dallas, we will set up an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will evaluate the project you want us to complete. We will then make our professional recommendations on how to approach the roof coating installation. This will include the type of roof coating we want to use. We can put down many different solutions, including the following:

  • Silicone
  • Urethane
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyurea
  • Acrylic
  • Multiple Plied Acrylic System
  • Hybrid Siliconized Urethane

Your roof coating contractor will choose the best roofing for your project’s needs. You do not have to replace an old roof. We combine our fluid applied roofing systems with the appropriate solution to keep your original roof intact. This can even help reduce your energy bills. Regardless of the approach we take, you can be assured that both our CO2 blasting team and industrial painting contractors will work together to complete your project. After we clean the roof, we apply the coating and paint right away.

The general outline of our entire company’s roof coating installation process is as follows:

  1. You contact us and schedule a consultation
  2. A consultation occurs
  3. We clean the roof
  4. We coat the roof
  5. We clean the interior
  6. We paint the interior


  • Is my building a candidate for restoration?

    Each substrate is unique. A typical rule of thumb is that a substrate can be restored if 70% of the roof has acceptable, dry insulation. However, every substrate requires an evaluation by a professional consultant to determine.

  • What is the difference between coating a restoration?

    **There are appropriate situations for both a coating and a restoration. The system must be thoroughly evaluated before coming to a decision.

    • A COATING is typically viewed as just a layer of reflective coating that is sprayed or rolled over an existing roof. A warranty is sometimes provided for a particular time on the material applied. Coatings are fluid applied and offered all over as “the perfect solution” because they offer high reflectivity and cool the roof’s temperature down while stopping leaks. All of this is true. However, a Coating is also just a band-aid. Whatever material applied over the roof will fade quite quickly and begin to heat up. The Coating seals in whatever was beneath it. Therefore, if there was existing moisture, it is sealed in between the Coating and the previous substrate. This is dangerous and can cause drastic further damage to the substrate as well as fill the moist areas with dangerous mold.
    • A Restoration is when the consultant detects all deficiencies in the substrate and begins the process by making the substrate 100% whole before anything else. Once the roof is completely dry and there are no leaks, a fluid applied built up system is applied to the substrate. This will consist of multiple layers of fluid applied material embedded into polyester fabric. This creates a “plied” system in which the substrate has more than just a poured on coating. A Restoration will be warrantied in full for anywhere between 10-20 years by the manufacturer. If you dissect a fluid applied built up system, you will literally see multiple layers of ply and flexible material similar to a built up roof system. A Restoration does not necessarily cost more than a coating. That is one reason a proper evaluation is extremely important.


  • What are the benefits to a restoration/coating instead of just replacing my roof?

    • Price is one of the first advantages you will find. Better pricing on a material that will lower the temperature of your roof; which will in turn lower your electric bill.
    • Convenience is the 2nd advantage to notice. There is no roof to be removed or replaced; thus not disturbing whomever is inside. Most coatings and restorations can be completed without those inside being annoyed by closed off doors or wings of the building. In fact, a majority of the materials used do not produce smells or noises that would contribute to distracting those inside.
    • Many coatings and restorations are VIRTUALLY forever. After their warranty, if properly maintained, they can be coated over again. This will completely depend upon the material and its warranty. However, the materials we use are able to be prepped and coated over again for a complete restoration 10-20 years after the first. This means that this restoration could be the last one you see in your lifetime.

  • Can a coating actually decrease my electric bill?

    • Actually, yes. This all depends on 2 characteristics that determine how much sun the material holds and reflects. Long story short: a black, hot roof can be measured around 160 degrees in the summer and literally burn a hold in your shoes. In the same temperature, you can comfortably stand on freshly adhered white silicone barefoot. In fact, you can play a game of volleyball on it if you’d like. Barefoot. Different materials hold a deflect different light and heat in different ways. You’ll want to ask these questions to the professional who’s evaluating your system. Evaluations are often completed on facilities specifically geared to lower their electric bill. A cost analysis is provided on whether the new coating/restoration will pay for itself over 20 years. The average time it takes to pay off the system in energy savings is 7 years when using a recommended system and proper evaluation (similar to how a solar panel system is evaluated before installation).

  • How much does it cost to coat or restore my building?

    • This is where the answer varies. When done properly, it doesn’t cost a thing over time. It actually saves you money due to the energy efficiency. But we can’t deny the upfront cost. We will give away the answer that nobody else wants to post…At this time, a coating can cost as cheap as $1.40/sf and as expensive as $18.10/sf. These are reflected as of 3rd quarter 2019. Obviously, there is a great change depending on the substrate, condition of substrate, age of the substrate and many, MANY other factors.

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