Dry Ice Blasting Services in Dallas, TX

CO2 Blasting

Both our slurry and dry ice blasting services in Dallas give customers the cleaning experience they desire. Our blasting services in Dallas remove grime, dirt, and other substances without the need to disassemble appliances or machinery. From cleaning turbines in power generator plants to cleaning industrial grills in restaurants, our slurry and dry ice blasting processes meet different industry demands across different industry verticals. Our team is located in Texas, but we provide our dry ice blasting and slurry service in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana area.

Slurry Blasting

The slurry blasting process is when you mix water with abrasives to help prepare a surface for ice blasting. Our abrasive slurry blasting method works on a variety of surfaces, including glass media. Dust levels will be suppressed up to 95%. We can safely use this method outdoors and in enclosed environments. The slurry blasting process is as effective as, if not more effective than, sandblasting.

Advantages of Slurry Blasting:

  • Fast and powerful
  • Minimal to no clean up
  • Non-abrasive
  • Safe and environmentally friendly


  • Accommodates a majority of projects and is especially suited for graffiti removal
  • It cleans fiberglass, concrete, stone walls, masonry, sidewalks, and brick


  • The largest media diameter available for the toughest cleaning applications and surface preparation
  • It cleans petrochemical, road markings and lines, bridges, heavy coatings from steel ship hulls
    Below you can view a video of our slurry blasting team at work.

CO2 Blasting

CO2 blasting cleaning, or dry ice blasting, is a non-abrasive technique that can completely clean a surface. From tight angles to maneuvering around wires and nails, this is the best method to use on your machines. You won’t experience any secondary waste after we complete our CO2 blast cleaning services.

Advantages of CO2 Blasting:

  • No clean up—dry ice pellets immediately turn into gas.
  • Quick turnaround—we can clean appliances and machinery without disassembling them
  • Smoke, fire, and water removal—this method will remove tough buildups from heavy-duty machinery without damaging them
    Below you can view a video of our CO2 blasting team at work.

Why Work with Interstate Carbonic

At Interstate Carbonic, our slurry and CO2 blasting cleaning services are effective and safe. We know that our slurry and cleaning services can accomplish even the toughest jobs. If your facility is currently located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana, you’ll want to contact us directly to ensure your environment is safe and free of contaminants. Regardless of the size of your project, our team will make sure you and your facility are taken care of.

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  • What is dry ice blasting?

    Dry ice blasting is similar to sandblasting, bead blasting, or soda blasting where a media is accelerated in a pressurized air stream (or other inert gas) to impact and clean a surface.

  • How does the process work?

    Unlike other blast media, dry ice has a temperature of -109°F (-78.3°C). Because of the temperature difference between the dry ice particles and the surface being treated, thermal shock occurs during the process of dry ice blasting. This causes a breakdown of the bond between two dissimilar materials.

  • What happens to the contaminate?

    Contaminants can be dry, wet, hard or soft. Dry contaminates will break up into small chips and can be swept up or vacuumed. If the particles are large enough, they do not become airborne. If the contaminate is wet, such as grease or oils, the stream will move or push the liquid away much like a high pressure water stream would, except that the surface where the contaminate was will be dry and clean. To prevent redeposition, the operator should work in a methodical way, from the top down.